General information


A binding quotation will be based on the following info:

- nationality of deceased
- place of death
- cause/circumstances of death
- location of the corpse (+ contact details)
- shipment in coffin/urn
- airport of destination
- any other relevant info


- Do not let the hospital, mortuary or travel agent decide to which funeral home the deceased is to be transferred
- Do not let the relatives sign ANY document whatsoever, prior to our approval

Personal effects

When ordered to deal with the repatriation of personal effects, we shall not be held responsible for the contents.
In some cases the Consulate will take care of the valuables

Invoicing & payment

Quotations are made in the original currency.

Invoices are issued by REPAT ASSIST LIMITED (Registered in Hong Kong) in USD
Full payment is due before shipment, based on our electronic invoice.
Payment can be made in USD or in CNY.

We will launch all activities upon receipt of:

- confirmed quotation (guarantee of payment)
- power of attorney by the next of kin 

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